Compression therapy recovery for elite athletes

Compression therapy has been utilized in hospital environments for years, primary indications were for lymphedema, however with the advent of computer assisted monitoring and multi-port, multi-compartment garments the indications are many.

If you are in healthcare or you had a family member with lymphedema you may recall the one compartment compression leg garments that were used. However today we utilize this newer technology for acute injuries with swelling and/or hemorrhage, elite athletic competition recovery, lymph/circulatory assist from wound care to weight loss

Even the Cannondale/Garmin Pro cycling team bragged about their Tour de France team members ability to recover with this technology

The technology began in Europe and is found its way to the United States with recent FDA approval, contraindications are minimal such as unstable cardiac or renal disease, open wounds, or active cancer treatment.

Groups like the Navy SEALs, University of Florida, the Pittsburgh Pirates and many Tour de France teams have bragged about their secret weapon for recovery

The pressure controlled garment has eight compartments with three different protocols, pressure can be provided from 10 to 200 mmHg

Patients must go through a thorough history as part of the screening process.

We are proud to bring this safe and effective technology to Southwest Florida, and we welcome your questions